Voter Photo ID

The Voter Photo ID law is in effect as of April 8, 2015.  All voters who wish to cast a ballot at their polling place on Election Day or in their municipal clerk's office during the in-person absentee period will have to provide an acceptable photo ID before they receive a ballot.

Voters who wish to vote an absentee ballot by mail will need to provide a copy of their photo ID to their municipal clerk before a ballot will be mailed to them.  There are provisions in the law for voters who may be indefinitely confined due to "age, illness, infirmity or disability" and for voters who reside in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities or other care facilities. 

Please refer to the attached information sheet for more information about the photo ID requirement, including a list of acceptable photo IDs, how to get a free Wisconsin State ID card for voting purposes and more information about the absentee ballot process under the law.


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