How to Submit Your Absentee Ballot

Deciding to vote absentee by mail doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Through Election Day, local municipal clerk’s office staff are available to help you correctly fill out and submit your absentee ballot in time to be counted in Wisconsin’s upcoming elections.


Download the Submitting a Valid Absentee Ballot Fact Sheet - PDF

Step 3: Filling out your absentee ballot

Before you begin voting absentee by mail, line up a witness who can verify that you filled out your own ballot. Choose an adult U.S. citizen who is not a candidate in the upcoming election. A witness shouldn’t see how you vote; that’s private. They can observe at a distance — from across the room, through a window, or even over video chat — as long as they can sign your ballot certificate themselves once it’s complete.

Fill out your ballot carefully. If you make a mistake or change your mind about a selection, contact your municipal clerk’s office for help. Once your ballot is complete, place it in the certified envelope. Then seal and sign the certificate envelope, and make sure your witness adds their address and signature, too.

Step 4: Delivering your completed ballot

If you vote absentee by mail, there are three different ways you can return your completed absentee ballot. You can mail it back using the addressed, postage-paid envelope included with your ballot packet. You can drop it off at your municipal clerk’s office. Voters can even take their completed absentee ballot to their polling place or absentee counting location by 8 p.m. on Election Day. Voters should follow the specific return instructions included with their absentee ballot.

Visit to find your polling place or contact your municipal clerk’s office to learn more about their hours of operation and other secure drop-off locations in your community.

Mail imageAbsentee ballots must arrive at your municipal clerk’s office or polling place by Election Day to be counted. The U.S. Postal Service suggests mailing absentee ballots at least one week before Election Day for the General Election.



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