Absentee Voting

Any eligible Wisconsin voter can vote by absentee ballot for each election.  Absentee voting can be done by mail or in-person in the clerk’s office.

If you choose to voter an absentee ballot by mail, you must make a request in writing or fill out an absentee ballot request form and send it to your municipal clerk.  You may request an absentee ballot for a specific election or for all elections within a calendar year.

In-person absentee voting may begin as soon as ballots are available for an election.  Check with your municipal clerk to find out when and where they are offering in-person absentee voting hours.  All facilities where in-person absentee voting takes place must meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility.  If you require assistance with the voting process you can bring an assistor with you to help you mark your ballot, provided that person is not your employer or your representative in a labor union.

If you have difficulty getting to the polling place and would like to receive an absentee ballot for each election, you can become a permanent absentee voter.  You need to certify on the application that you are “indefinitely confined,” meaning that for reason of age, illness, infirmity or disability you are requesting a ballot for all subsequent elections.   Once you are on the permanent absentee list you will stay there until you are no longer confined or you fail to return a ballot.