Meetings organized or attended by the Government Accountability Board and its staff. Includes Ad-Hoc clerk meetings, listening sessions, etc.

Accessibility Advisory Committee Spring 2020 Meeting


Public Meeting Notice

I.    Public Comment

II.    Introductions

III.    WEC Update
a.    ERIC Movers Pollbook Process
b.    Accessibility Resources
c.    2020 Elections
i.    Spring Primary Update
ii.    Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary Preparations
d.    Website Accessibility
e.    Emailed Ballot Accessibility

IV.    Election Security
a.    Grant program
b.    Elections Security Council
c.    Public Information Campaign
d.    Other WEC Programs

Clerk Advisory Committee – Communications



1. Greetings/Introductions
2. Previous Action Items
a. ERIC Movers Process Feedback
b. 2020 Calendar Review
3. New Topics
a. MyVote Polling Place Lookup Feedback
i. RAVE Alert
ii. Contingency Planning
iii. Spring Election and Presidential Preference Preparedness
b. 2020 HAVA Funds
c. WisVote News Feedback
d. Communication Protocol Feedback
e. Weekly Clerk Newsletter from WEC
4. Meeting Dates/Next Steps

2020 Spring Primary Canvass and Certification


Administrator Meagan Wolfe, designee of Chairperson Dean Knudson of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, will certify canvass statements at 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at the Wisconsin Elections Commission Office, located at 212 East Washington Ave., Madison, Wisconsin.

The canvass statements that will be signed are the official results of the Primary Election and Special Partisan Primary held on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 for the following offices: Justice of the Supreme Court, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 5, and Representative in Congress, 7th District.

Clerk Advisory Committee



Feedback on New Election Security Subgrant Recommendations

1. Greetings

2. Discussion on New ES Subgrant Recommendations

a. Emergency Reserve

b. Additional Hardware, IT Support, and Training

c. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Firewall Upgrade (Counties)

d. Email Address and Secure Websites

3. Meeting Dates/Next Steps