Updates – Use of National Guard Service Members and Critical Cleaning Supplies


This communication is to provide a few last-minute updates regarding the deployment of National Guard Service Members to assist as poll workers during tomorrow’s Partisan Primary and to give an update about the critical cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) that was distributed.

National Guard Service Members

On Friday afternoon, WEC staff provided the last updates to the National Guard team related to the poll worker support needed today and in support of tomorrow’s Partisan Primary.

Poll Worker Information Sheet: Recent Court Decision


Due to the recent ruling by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the One Wisconsin Institute case, several changes to election law are now in place.  Several of these changes impact election day procedures for voter registration and photo ID.  We have created an information sheet that should be provided to poll workers for use on election day.  The sheet outlines the changes and provides additional reminders.  

WEC Extended Hours in Support of the Partisan Primary on August 11, 2020


The Wisconsin Elections Commission is offering extended hours in support of municipalities and counties for the Partisan Primary on August 11, 2020.  Please use the contact information provided below to contact staff during extended hours.  Phone and email support will be provided on the following dates and times in addition to regular business hours:

Face Coverings While Voting and Conducting Elections - COVID-19


WEC staff have received questions regarding the use of face coverings while voting or conducting elections.  This document provides information about many of the common questions we have received and was developed with guidance from State of Wisconsin public health officials and information available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  

Update – Critical Cleaning Supplies and Poll Workers – COVID-19 


Once again, I’d like to extend my sincere thank you to all Wisconsin clerks for all of their hard work and dedication to helping ensure the success of Wisconsin elections.  We recognize that you are going over and above what has been typically expected to adapt to all of the changes resulting from COVID-19.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated.  Wisconsin Elections Commission staff will continue to do our best to help aid clerks at both the county and municipal levels in providing as much support and information as possible.

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling in One Wisconsin Institute Case Now in Effect


A mandate was issued today by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the One Wisconsin Institute case meaning that this ruling is now in effect.  Please review the summary of changes below to determine how this decision impacts voting laws and procedures and how you will need to update any training and documentation provided to your staff and election inspectors for the upcoming August and November elections.