CARES Act Grant Emails from Outside Group and Grant Updates


Over the weekend, many clerks received an email from an out-of-state group with information about the federal CARES Act grant funding the Wisconsin Elections Commission recently received. This group was not in touch with anyone at the WEC, and their suggestion that clerks apply to the WEC for grant funding is completely unnecessary.  You do not need to submit an application to WEC requesting funds under this grant.

Mike Haas Leaving WEC for New Opportunity


WEC staff counsel Mike Haas has accepted a position at the City Attorney for the City of Madison and will be leaving the Elections Commission after a distinguished career in Wisconsin elections.  Many of you know and have worked with Mike over his nearly 12 years with the state election agencies. Mike’s last day in the WEC office is Friday May 15, 2020 but he hopes to also attend the May 20 meeting of the Commission.  

Sample News Release for CD7 County and Municipal Clerks Encouraging Absentee Voting Due to COVID-19


To help county and municipal clerks in Congressional District 7 communicate about the COVID-19 pandemic with local voters through the media, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has drafted a sample news release encouraging absentee voting for the May 12 Special Election.

Attached is a Word document that clerks are encouraged to customize and send to their local media outlets as soon as possible.  Clerks are also encouraged to post the customized news release on their websites.


UPDATED - Postmark Issues and Processing Absentee Ballots - COVID-19


Update 4/13/2020

In response to the WEC’s request to the USPS for a written statement outlining the use of local postmarks on Election Day, the attached email was provided. The attached does not constitute a written statement but does provide insight into the process that may be useful.  This email was only sent to the UPSP Lakeland District and may not have been sent to postal branches on the western side of the state.

URGENT -- Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders Election Day to Continue and U.S. Supreme Court Alters Ballot Receipt Deadline; Tallying and Reporting Results Still Prohibited Until April 13 - COVID-19


This memorandum summarizes three court decisions which were issued today related to Election Day.

First, the Wisconsin Supreme Court enjoined the Governor’s Executive Order which had postponed the election, meaning that in-person voting will occur at the polls.  County and municipal clerks and election inspectors should continue their election preparations.  

Gov. Evers Order - COVID-19


The Governor's order was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court later on Monday. The election is going forward.

Municipal and County Clerk Partners,

The Governor just issued an executive order delaying in-person voting for the April 7, 2020 election until June 9.   While the Governor has called for moving the election, we can be certain there will be very fast moving litigation.  The order is at the link and in the text below.