Wisconsin Recount Results Update -- Day 12


Explanations provided by clerks for the differences in numbers between canvass and the recount are also contained in the attached Explanation of Changes per Reporting Unit PDF

*These are unofficial results. Certified results will posted seperately.

In the interest of providing the most complete numbers for the final spreadsheet, City of Glendale Wards 3,9 and City of Racine Ward 36 have been included pending receipt of an explanation for vote changes. The Explanation of Changes document will be updated when they are received.

Dane County:City of Verona Wards 2-4 results have been removed from the Day 10 update pending further clarification from Dane County Board of Canvass. City of Verona Wars 1,5 and 2-4 have been added to the Day 12 update. City of Verona wards were recounted a second time and the numbers included in the Day 12 update are accurate.

Marathon County: Addition of 2 votes to City of Colby Ward 1 totals due to addition error while recording recount results.

Milwaukee County: Increase of 246 votes in City of Milwaukee Ward 34 due to a discrepancy in the original results. The total ballots for Trump/Pence should have been 254 instead of the 8 reported.

Portage County: Net decrease of 4 votes in Town of Carson Wards 1-2 due to human error during Election Day hand count. -9 votes for Trump/Pence and +4 votes for Clinton/Kaine. 

Waukesha County: City of Brookfield numbers have been updated on the Day 12 spreadsheet due to reconciling of poll book records.