Administrative Rules

Elections Administrative Code (all chapters)

In the transition from the Government Accountability Board to the Elections Commission and Ethics Commission, several administrative code sections have been renamed and renumbered.

For historical purposes, this was the structure of the GAB Administrative Code:

  • GAB Chapter 1 Campaign Financing

    (Please note that new campaign finance statutes took effect 1/1/2016. Administrative rules listed here may have been superseded by those new laws.)

  • GAB Chapter 2 Election Related Petitions

  • GAB Chapter 3 Voter Registration

  • GAB Chapter 4 Election observers

    (Please note that the G.A.B. and local election officials are currently enforcing a draft revision of GAB 4, which is awaiting final approval of the Legislature.)

  • GAB Chapter 5 Ballot and electronic voting system security (REPEALED)

  • GAB Chapter 6 Procedure

  • GAB Chapter 7 Approval of electronic voting equipment

  • GAB Chapter 9 Challenges at a polling place

  • Emergency Rule GAB Chapter 10 Relating to Use of Technical College System Student Identification Cards for Voting

  • GAB Chapter 11 Training and certification of election inspectors

  • GAB Chapter 12 Certification and training of municipal clerks

  • GAB Chapter 15 Statement of economic interests

  • GAB Chapter 16 Lobbying

  • GAB Chapter 20 Complaint procedure

    (Please not that this Administrative Rule has been superceded by Statute, and is no longer effective, except for complaints alleging a violation of election laws by a local election official.)

  • GAB Chapter 21 Practice and procedure

    (Please note that the address for communications to the Government Accountability Board contained in this rule is old. The Board's current address is 212 East Washington Ave., P.O. Box 7984, Madison, WI 53707.)

  • GAB Chapter 25 Forms