State of Wisconsin: Help America Vote Act Annual Report for Federal Fiscal Year 2013



In Wisconsin, elections are administered at the state level by the Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.), but are conducted at the local level by 1,923 local elections officials covering 72 counties and 1,851 municipalities.  During FFY-2012, there were seven state-level elections: three regularly scheduled elections, two recall elections, and two special elections to fill vacancies.  During this time Wisconsin used approximately 2,678 polling places.  

Municipal clerks in Wisconsin’s 1,851 towns, villages and cities, and the Board of Election Commissioners in the City of Milwaukee, are responsible for establishing polling places, acquiring voting equipment, recruiting and training poll workers, maintaining voter lists, administering absentee voting and supervising the conduct of elections on Election Day.  The Government Accountability Board is responsible for the administrative oversight of elections laws (Federal and State) including establishing uniform standards and training local election officials, including poll workers.

The following attachments summarize how the State of Wisconsin used the funds received under HAVA § 261 to satisfy the four mandate areas of:  Accessibility, Privacy and Independence, and Education, Training, and Information.  Please see the attached narrative and financial reports for the details.