Early Voting Report to Governor and Legislature



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Wisconsin has in-person absentee voting.  It does not have "early voting."

The G.A.B. staff recommended Early Voting Final Report attached below was presented to the Government Accountability Board at its meeting December 17, 2009.  This final document is substantially similar to the Final Draft Report and Recommendations distributed for public comments on November 6, 2009.

This updated document, however, contained an additional recommendation to eliminate the Certificate of Registration for voters who vote in-person absentee in the clerk’s office.  This final document also changes the recommendation from requiring a sign-in sheet for in-person absentee voters to  permitting a simplified application form.  In addition, several public comments on the Final Draft Report posted on November 6, have been incorporated into this Early Voting Final Report.

On December 17, 2009, the Government Accountability Board approved the Final Staff Early Voting Report and Recommendations, with one change, and directed that its report be forwarded to the Governor and Legislature.

The recommendations in this report have not been adopted by the Legislature.