2019 Election Security Planning Report



The Wisconsin Elections Commission has worked to examine all aspects of security in relation to Wisconsin’s election administration technology and laws and drafted a comprehensive plan to document the coordination between the WEC and other election security partners.  Wisconsin’s election systems are secure thanks to the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s strong partnerships with federal and state agencies, as well as with local election officials and the voters of Wisconsin.  The plan exists to detail the WEC’s election security preparation and progress over the past two years, and steps WEC staff will pursue in the future to continue to keep Wisconsin’s elections secure.  The plan is broken into two separate sections.  

The first section of the plan concerns election security preparation and incident prevention.  This section describes the roles that federal, state, and local election partners play in Wisconsin’s election system.  The various levels of government are further broken down into their various organizations and agencies that exist at that level, and details some of the potential resources that originate from the respective agencies.  Local elections officials can use this section of the plan to determine what resources they can use to secure devices used in their offices, trainings available to increase election security knowledge, and resources from higher levels of government that could be used in an election security event.

The second section of the plan contains election security incident response guidelines and a communications guide.  The section is divided among the different levels of government and includes short descriptions of the role that level of government plays in Wisconsin’s elections.  This section includes mock election security incident situations and suggested responses and communication efforts.  Local elections officials can use this section to create or update their existing election security contingency plans, and to see the importance of communicating any incidents to the proper authority.

Due to the changing security landscape, WEC staff updates the Election Security Plan regularly to ensure it contains the most up-to-date information.  The WEC will continue these updates ahead of 2020.