2016 Post-Election Audit of Electronic Voting Equipment Report



Both the accessible voting equipment and tabulation equipment used and audited for the 2016 Presidential Election recorded and tabulated votes as expected and according to certification standards. The audit results indicated there were no identifiable bugs, errors, or failures of the tabulation voting equipment and discrepancies identified during the audit were the result of human error when conducting the audit. The issues with the Optech Eagle identified in the Village of Hortonville were due to the limitations of a legacy voting system and, despite these limitations, the equipment functioned as designed. The inappropriate use of marking devices that are not compatible with the system and election official error in not properly identifying and remaking potentially problematic ballots were the cause of the discrepancies identified during the audit.

In addition to the reporting units that were subject to audits, the statewide recount for the Office of the President provided an additional check on the voting equipment deployed during the 2016 Presidential Election. During the recount, fifty-one counties hand counted all ballots, with an additional twelve counties hand counting, at least, some portion of the ballots cast. This exercise also did not identify any issues with how voting equipment recorded and tabulated votes in Wisconsin during the 2016 Presidential Election.