County Sample Ballots



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Adams Co.pdf 130.5 KB
Ashland Co.pdf 361.91 KB
Barron Co.pdf 327.22 KB
Bayfield Co.pdf 268.14 KB
Brown Co.pdf 36.62 KB
Burnett Co.pdf 20.61 KB
Calumet Co.pdf 141.3 KB
Chippewa Co.pdf 412.94 KB
Clark Co.pdf 146.7 KB
Columbia Co.pdf 565.42 KB
Crawford Co.pdf 24.63 KB
Dane Co.pdf 152.97 KB
Dodge Co.pdf 138 KB
Door Co.pdf 137.2 KB
Douglas Co.pdf 105.81 KB
Dunn Co.pdf 119.16 KB
Eau Claire Co.pdf 498.5 KB
Florence County Sample Ballot.pdf 181.89 KB
Fond du Lac Co.pdf 432.59 KB
Forest County Sample Ballot.PDF 88.54 KB
Grant Co.pdf 17.11 KB
Green County Sample Ballot.pdf 137.86 KB
Green County Sample Ballot 2.pdf 137.86 KB
Green Lake County Sample Ballot.pdf 89.72 KB
Iowa Co.pdf 322.97 KB
Jackson Co.pdf 623.19 KB
Jefferson County Ballot.pdf 133.41 KB
Kenosha Co.pdf 112.92 KB
Kewaunee Co.pdf 369.29 KB
La Crosse County sample ballot.pdf 20.27 KB
La Crosse County sample ballot 2.pdf 20.27 KB
Lafayette Co.pdf 579.95 KB
Langlade Co.pdf 351.46 KB
Lincoln Co Sample Ballot.pdf 368.84 KB
Manitowoc County Sample Ballot.pdf 210.18 KB
Marathon Co.pdf 5.12 MB
Marinette Co Sample Ballot.pdf 89.72 KB
Marinette County Sample Ballot.pdf 27.81 KB
Marquette Co.pdf 19.05 KB
Menominee Co.pdf 78.07 KB
Milwaukee County Sample Ballot.pdf 1.32 MB
Monroe Co.pdf 83.89 KB
Oconto Co.pdf 171.29 KB
Oneida Co.pdf 53.21 KB
Outagamie Co Hand Count Paper Ballot for GAB File.pdf 2.01 MB
Outagamie CoElectronic Ballot for GAB File.pdf 874.11 KB
Ozaukee Co.pdf 144.14 KB
Pepin Co.pdf 20.29 KB
Pierce County Sample Ballot.pdf 45.58 KB
Polk Co.pdf 20.99 KB
Portage County Sample Ballot.pdf 225.75 KB
Price County Sample Ballot.pdf 1.28 MB
Racine County Sample Ballot.pdf 314.09 KB
Richland Co.pdf 3.67 MB
Richland Co 2.pdf 3.67 MB
Rock Co Ballot proof.pdf 34.13 KB
Rusk Co.pdf 20.56 KB
Sauk Co.pdf 118.12 KB
Sawyer County sample ballot.pdf 722.79 KB
Shawano County.pdf 96.79 KB
Sheboygan Co.pdf 49.32 KB
St. Croix County Sample Ballot.pdf 560.78 KB
Taylor Co.pdf 171.82 KB
Taylor Co 2.pdf 171.82 KB
Trempealeau Co.pdf 96.32 KB
Vernon Co.pdf 127.01 KB
Walworth Co.pdf 362.24 KB
WashburnCo.pdf 20.93 KB
Washington Co.pdf 139.83 KB
Waukesha Co.pdf 874.08 KB
Waupaca Co.pdf 210.54 KB
Waushara Co 110414Ballot.pdf 19.88 KB
Winnebago Co.pdf 208.47 KB
Wood Co.pdf 187.39 KB


These are SAMPLE BALLOTS. Please see note at bottom of page.

These are sample ballots for the November 2014 General Election for each Wisconsin County.  Your individual ballot may have different candidates, based on where you live in the county.  To see who is on your ballot, go to