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2010 Spring Primary Election Reimbursement Form
2011 Wisconsin Act 23
2016 Fall Ballot Access Challenge Information
2018 Fall Ballot Access Challenge Information
Application for Approval or Modification of Electronic Voting System
Circulating Recall Petitions in Public Buildings
Complaints Arising from Budget Repair Bill Dispute - Case No. 2011-GAB-01
Cost Estimates for 2012 Recall Elections
County Sample Ballots
Data Entry Extensions Granted by the G.A.B and Outstanding Election Data Reports
Democratic Party Challenge Consolidated Exhibits
Democratic Senator Challenge Documents
Determining Sufficiency of Nomination Papers
Election Administration in the State of Wisconsin
Election Day Registration Taskforce Charge Statement
Election Observers Rules at-a-Glance
ES&S Electronic Voting System 5200-5300
ES&S Electronic Voting System Unity Rev. 3
ES&S Electronic Voting System Unity
ESS Unity 3400 Voting Systems Final Approval and Certification Letter
Faxing and Emailing Absentee Ballots to Voters: Instructions for Clerks
Four Year Maintence Example Postcard
Four-Year Maintenace Frequently Asked Questions
G.A.B. 2011-2013 Biennial Budget Request
G.A.B. 2013-2015 Biennial Budget Request
G.A.B. 2015-2017 Biennial Budget Request
G.A.B. Analysis of Voter Photo ID Bill signed by Governor
Government Accountability Board - Agency Overview 2014
Kennedy Enterprises Amicus Curiae Brief
Legislative Redistricting: Effective Date and Use of State Funds
Letter to Assembly Elections Committee re AB7
Letter to Joint Committee on Finance -- Estimate of G.A.B.'s 2012 Recall Expenses
Major Impacts of Photo ID Law for 2011
MCT Recertification Hours Reporting Sheet
Memo to Legislators: Recall Petition Review - Questions and Answers
Memo to Local Election Officials Four Year Maintenance
Memo to State Senate re: Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 6
Municipal Clerk Reminders - Spring 2016
Petition to Dane County Circuit Court
Recall Expense Funds: Contribution Limits and Residual Funds
Report to Joint Committee on Legislative Audit
Request to Joint Committee on Finance for funding for 2012 recall petition processing
Senate Action Regarding Photo ID Legislation
Standards of Conduct Online Tutorial
Strategic Planning for the 2012 Fall Election Cycle: Back to Basics Intitiative
Transition of the G.A.B. to the Ethics Commission and Elections Commission
Uniform Absentee Ballot Instructions
Voter Photo ID Team Implementation Concept
Wisconsin Elections Commission 2017-2019 Biennial Budget Request
WisVote Technology Standards