Title Date
Election Day Manual
Counting Votes Manual (Spring Primary, Spring Election and General Election)
Election Administration Manual
Recall Manual for Local Elected Officials
Absentee Voting in Residential Care Facilities and Retirement Homes
Recount Manual
Caucus Manual - Procedures for Nomination of Candidates By Caucus
Recall Manual for Congressional, County and State Officials
Polling Place Accessibility “Quick-Fix Guide”
Absentee Voting Rules Overview - under revision due to court decisions
County Board of Canvassers - Suggested Procedures
Counting Votes Manual (Partisan Primary)
Wards, Districts, Reporting Units and Annexations
Municipal Boards of Canvassers - Suggested Procedures
WisVote User Manual - Complete
1.1 Accessing WisVote
1.2 Navigating WisVote
1.3 WisVote Learning Center
2.1 Voter Search
2.2 Voter Registration
2.3 Voter Records
2.4 Registration List Alerts
2.5 DMV Checks
3.1 Types of Absentee Applications
3.2 Add an Absentee Application
3.3 Search for an Absentee Application
3.5 Issue Absentee Ballots
3.6 Manage Absentee Ballots
3.7 Record Returned Ballots
3.8 Care Facilities
4.01 Polling Places
4.02 Election Plans
4.03 Poll Books
4.04 Office Positions
4.07 Create a Special Election
4.08 Contests
4.09 Candidates
4.10 Ballot Styles
5.1 Voter Participation
5.2 Election Day Registration
5.3 Provisional Ballot Tracking
6.1 Introduction to Address Management
6.2 Addresses
6.3 Districts
6.4 Data Quality
7.1 Clerk Training
7.2 Election Worker Training
Clerk Access - WisVote Certification
1.4 WisVote Tiles
3.4 Manage Absentee Applications
4.05 Election Checkpoints
4.06 Ineligible Voter List
Canvass Reporting System
Felon Audit
Data Entry Access - WisVote Certification
FAQs - Issue Absentee Ballots as a Batch (and Dymo)
Common Nomination Paper Challenges Manual
FAQ - Absentee - Tracking Only
3.9 Run an Absentee Report
1.5 Advanced Features
Contingency Planning and Election System Security Report
MyVote Wisconsin Manual
2017 Calendar of Election Events
2.6 Online Voter Registration
2018 Calendar of Election Events
2019 Calendar of Election Events
4.7 Create a Special Election
WisVote Video Learning Curriculum
Request to Add Authorized Users in the WEC Learning Center