2020 Calendar of Election Events


The 2020 Calendar of Election Events includes deadlines from November 2019 through January 2021 and is a valuable tool for election officials to use throughout the election cycle. The calendar is available in multiple formats including PDF, Word, and Excel for your convenience. Instructions for importing the Excel calendar into Microsoft Outlook Calendar are posted with the calendar.

The updated deadlines in the 2020 calendar reflect in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals final decision in the One Wisconsin Institute court case. The court's order changed several rules and procedures, including establishing the residency requirement for voter registration at 28 days from 10 days and condensing in-person absentee voting to 14 days prior to any election. 

As a reminder, the calendar of election events does not include campaign finance filing deadlines. For campaign finance deadlines visit the Wisconsin Ethics Commission website: https://ethics.wi.gov.

Note: a corrected version of the calendar was posted 8/20/2020.