Additional Voter Outreach Information for Clerks and Groups Doing Voter Education

The WEC has produced many resources for clerks and other groups to help voters understand all aspects of the voting process, including Wisconsin's Photo ID law. Please use the resources below.

Photo ID and the ID Petition Process

  • Photo ID Guide
    The Photo ID Guide is a detailed document that contains infromation about acceptable photo IDs. It goes through each type of photo ID and the requirements of military IDs, student IDs, passports, etc.
  • ID Petition Process Brochure
    The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles will help people get a free state ID card or document that can be used for voting after just one visit to the DMV, even if they don't have a birth certificate or other documentation.
  • Proof of Residency vs Photo ID
    This resource contains a T-chart that compares the differences between proof of residency and photo ID.

Voter Registration, Accessible Voting, and Other Topics

  • Voter Registration Guide (with detailed Proof of Residence Guide)
    The Voter Registration Guide is a short document that reviews the registration process. The Proof of Residence Guide is a detailed document that reviews potential types of proof of residence documents that a voter may use.
  • Temporarily vs Permanent Overseas Voters
  • This web page reviews the differences between temporarily and permanent overseas voters. Additionally, it highlights the various ways an overseas voter can request and cast an absentee ballot.
  • Information about Voting Accessibility and Voters with Disabilities
    This web page contains many resources reviewing the voting process, highlighting accessible features for voters with disabilities. It includes resources on voting equipment, videos on knowing your rights, and resources to curbside vote or get assistance.
  • Military Voters
    This web page reviews the voting process for military voters. It defines what a military voter is and goes through various ways they can request an absentee ballot.
  • Hospitalized Voters
    This resource has information regarding the hospitalized elector process for voters who are unable to vote in person at their polling place due to hospitalization near Election Day. This process may also apply to quarantined electors.
  • College Students
    This web page contains a document that reviews common residency questions that college students have, specifically surrounding where they should register to vote -- at their college address or home address.
  • Homeless Voters
    This web page reviews assisting homeless voters in getting registered to vote using a provided template letter from a local organization as proof of residence.
  • Social Media Templates Related to COVID-19
    This resource contains templates and information for effective social media campaigns regarding COVID-19. It includes images for you to use on your own websites and social media.