Poll Worker Selection

How do I become a poll worker?

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, there are two ways to be nominated: either through a nomination from the Democratic or Republican Party or by applying directly to your town, village or city clerk.

If you are active in a political party, you can be nominated by your county party to serve as an election official. You can find contact information for your county party chairperson by going to www.wisgop.org/county-parties/ for the Republican party or www.wisdems.org/county-parties for the Democratic party. You can select your county from these websites and view the contact information for your local party chairperson. Please note that party nominations must be submitted to the mayor, village president or town board chairperson no later than November 30 of each odd-numbered year.

If you do not wish to be appointed through a political party, you can be nominated by your mayor, village president, or town board chairperson. You can contact your municipal clerk directly to find out more about the application process. Your municipal clerk’s contact information can be found at MyVote.wi.gov.

How are poll workers selected?

According to State Statutes (7.30 ( 4)) the Mayor, President or Board Chairperson of the municipality is required to nominate poll workers to the governing body no later than the last regular meeting in December of odd-numbered years. The governing body of the municipality appoints the poll workers for a two-year term before December 31.

The nominees are to come first from lists submitted by the two dominant political parties, which are due no later than November 30 of odd numbered years, and may be supplemented at any time. Local party chairpersons are responsible for submitting theses lists of names to the Mayor, President or Board Chairperson of the municipality, for each polling place.

If a local party does not submit a list, or does not submit enough names, the Mayor, President or Board Chairperson may nominate qualified individuals on a non-partisan basis, without regard to party affiliation.

Where will I be assigned?

In smaller municipalities, there is often only one polling place.  However, in larger municipalities there are multiple polling places. In larger municipalities, every effort is made to assign a poll worker to their neighborhood voting site.  However, poll workers in larger municipalities such as large cities must be willing to be flexible and consider assignments at other sites.