Candidate Ballot Access Procedures: Nomination Papers - Open for Public Comment



Throughout Wisconsin, nomination papers and associated ballot access documents are the primary way for candidates to get their name on the ballot when seeking elected office.  Following correct procedure when obtaining and submitting nomination paper signatures is crucial to ensure ballot placement for a candidate.  Based on current election law, WEC staff has worked to aide candidates with guidance documents and direct candidate contact via phone and email.  Understandably, questions remain.  This manual is meant to serve as a resource for both clerks and candidates who may have questions related to the ballot access process.

Please open the attachment to read the entire manual.

Public Comments Open until May 12, 2020

This guidance publication is open for public comment until May 12, 2020. Any person with comments about this publication may submit them by clicking this link to email the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  If clicking the link does not open a new email to the WEC, please send an email to [email protected]