Election Day Manual Revision January 2020 


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Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Allison Coakley, Elections Training Coordinator
Richard Rydecki, Assistant Administrator

The Election Day Manual has been updated to reflect recent revisions to the voter registration application (EL-131) and provisional voting procedures and forms.  

Election Day Manual Chapter

Update; Page Number


  • Revisions to voter registration application (EL-131); pages 45 – 52
  • Provisional voting situation eliminated whereby a voter marked “POR Required” on the poll list may cast a provisional ballot; pages 67 – 73


  • Related forms updated to eliminate provisional voting situation “POR Required” as outlined above

The Electors chapter has been posted as a separate insert if clerks would prefer to print it off instead of printing or purchasing a new manual.  The page numbers match those for the chapter in the last revision of the manual. The two updated sections in the Electors chapter have also been posted as separate inserts. The page numbering does not match exactly. The updated forms can be found on the WEC website under Resources.

The manual can be printed from the WEC website: https://elections.wi.gov/clerks/education-training/election-day-manual. Manuals and webinars can also be ordered for a small processing charge:  https://elections.wi.gov/node/6554. If you have any questions, please contact Allison Coakley: [email protected].