Election Administration Manual for Wisconsin School District Clerks - Open for Public Comment



The average voter waiting in line to vote at their polling place is unaware of the myriad of tasks and procedures that occur behind the scenes before Election Day dawns. To most voters, the voting experience consists of a quick trip to a thoroughly equipped polling place where they obtain a ballot, cast their vote and go on with their day. For others, voting may be requesting an absentee ballot and returning it to the municipal clerk. The ease of voting masks the complex preparations that must be completed leading up to and including election day.

Those familiar with election processes and procedures know that conducting an election begins long before Election Day. Detailed planning and knowledge of the tasks to be completed are crucial to the accuracy of ballots and election equipment programming. School district clerks are responsible for the accuracy of information provided to county clerks. Communication between school district, municipal, and county clerks is vital to ensure understanding between governmental units and to avoid unwanted surprises later, such as ballots with missing offices or misspelled candidate names.
Cooperation and communication between all units of government involved in the election and accurate and timely completion of each unit’s respective election tasks are the swatches of care and experience that when stitched together, become the multifaceted tapestry of an efficient and well-run election.

The Election Administration Manual for Wisconsin School District Clerks was developed to serve as a knowledge base for the array of election duties required of school district clerks. As a school district clerk, you are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that your election-related tasks are completed under statutory authority.

Please reference this manual frequently and make use of the other resources cited throughout the manual. Our role at the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) is to provide you with a range of resources to support you in carrying out your duties. As always, WEC staff are here to provide answers and advice to assist you in fulfilling your obligations to protect the integrity of elections and ensure public confidence in the election process.

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Public Comments Open until January 2, 2019

This guidance publication is open for public comment until January 2, 2020. Any person with comments about this publication may submit them by clicking this link to email the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  If clicking the link does not open a new email to the WEC, please send an email to [email protected]