Accessibility Advisory Committee



GEF II Room 413
101 S. Webster St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

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Wisconsin Elections Commission
Accessibility Advisory Committee Fall 2019 Meeting

Wednesday, November 13
GEF II Room 413
101 S. Webster St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


I.    Public Comment

II.    Introductions

III.    WEC Update
a.    2020 Planning Efforts
b.    Four-Year Maintenance/ERIC Movers
c.    New Staff/Hiring
d.    Accessibility Report
e.    Voting Equipment
f.    Poll Worker Recruitment Information
i.    Website
ii.    Accommodations
iii.    MyVote

IV.    Election Security
a.    Grant program
b.    Elections Security Council
c.    Public Information Campaign
d.    Other WEC Programs

V.    Legislative Agenda and Updates
a.    Recent Legislative Action and Legal Updates
b.    State Your Name and Address Bill
c.    Election Complaint Update 

VI.    Polling Place Accessibility Audit Program and Supply Program
a.    2018 Gen. Election, 2019 Spring Primary, & 2019 Spring Election Update
b.    2020 Planning/Partnership Opportunities
c.    Technology Updates
d.    Supply Program Update

VII.    WEC Training Projects Update
a.    Poll Worker Training Agendas
b.    EA Manual Revisions
c.    EA TTX

VIII.    Collaboration Opportunities for 2020 between member orgs and WEC

IX.    Work Time
a.    Polling Place Accessibility Checklist
b.    Accessibility Portion of Election Administration Manual
i.    Current Status 
ii.    Brainstorm Ideas
c.    Review Reference Documents: Accessible Entrance
i.    Automatic Openers
ii.    Door Force
d.    Complaint Process: Creating a Video Outline

X.    Next Steps/Meeting Date

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