Clerk Advisory Committee – Communications



WEC Boardroom/Teleconference, 212 East Washington Ave., Madison

Event Type


1.    Greetings/Introductions
2.    Previous Action Items
a.    Mass Notification System (who, what, when)
i.    Introduction to the Rave Notification System
1.    General Capabilities
2.    Configuration Discussion
3.    Questions/Feedback
b.    Newsletter Samples 
c.    Project Priorities Feedback
i.    Annual Review
ii.    Continuous Improvement
iii.    Specific Events
3.    New Topics
a.    Four Year Maintenance Mailing
i.    Review Instructions
ii.    Questions/Feedback
b.    ERIC Movers Mailing 
i.    Review proposed new procedure
ii.    Questions/Feedback
4.    Meeting Dates/Next Steps
a.    Quarterly
b.    July, August, September 2019