Meeting of the Clerk Advisory Committee – Communications



WEC Boardroom
212 East Washington Ave., Third Floor

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Meeting of the Clerk Advisory Committee – Communications
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

WEC Boardroom


1.    Greetings/Introductions

2.    Previous Action Items
a.    Mass Notification System (who, what, when)
b.    Newsletter Samples (please share!)
c.    New Clerk Resources
i.    What tools are most useful?
ii.    Where can resources be developed or improved?

3.    New Topics
a.    Discussion of 2019 Project Priorities
i.    WisVote Projects
ii.    Canvass Process Needs
iii.    Election Reconciliation Process Feedback
iv.    New Poll Worker Training Curriculum
v.    New Voter Registration Form
b.    Local IT Support Availability
i.    Discuss resources available to you (full time, part time, contract, other) 
ii.    Adequacy of support at your level
iii.    Experience with cooperative (shared service) support models?
iv.    Opportunities for the WEC to assist

4.    Meeting Dates/Next Steps
a.    Quarterly
b.    May, August, November 2019