Request to Add Authorized MCT or CIT Training Users to The Learning Center (TLC)



Policy. When a county or municipality adds new staff, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) will allow the county or municipal clerk to authorize the use of the online training available in the WEC Learning Center for Municipal Clerk or Chief Inspector Training.

An "MCT Training" access certification has been developed to allow new municipal clerks to take the Municipal Clerk Core Curriculum Training class in the WEC Learning Center. The presentation is composed of 16 sections and each section is followed by a short quiz. There is no passing grade for each quiz, but quizzes may be retaken. After completion of all 16 sections and quizzes, clerks should report their training using the certification reporting form posted in the WEC Learning Center. Please use the email, fax or mail information listed at the bottom of the form.

Municipal clerks may also request "CIT Training" access to the Learning Center to allow new chief inspectors to take the Baseline Chief Inspector class. The presentation is composed of 7 sections and section and completion badges will be issued via email to the chief inspector to be shared with the municipal clerk. A new chief inspector must also take the 30-question Chief Inspector Self-Evaluation to be certified to conduct elections in the current term. A badge will be issued for completing the self-evaluation. The completion badge and self-evaluation badge should be shared with the clerk.

By submitting this user agreement, the clerk agrees that he/she will certify upon completion that the users listed below have taken the required training for MCT or CIT access as specified in the WEC Learning Center. Clerks are required to report their clerk training to WEC and record and retain the training taken by their chief inspectors and other election workers.

★Email a completed and signed copy of the Request to Add Authorized MCT or CIT Training Users to The Learning Center (TLC) to the Wisconsin Election Commission’s Help Desk ([email protected]).  Identify the role type for each user identified on the form.