UPDATE: Advisory Committees: Volunteers STILL Needed


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Meagan Wolfe, Administrator

3/1/2019 UPDATE: The WEC is still looking for volunteers!

The WEC, in partnership with the WMCA, WTA, and WCCA, is pleased to announce the creation of advisory committees to help plan, prioritize, and implement future election initiatives.  We want to hear your ideas to improve elections in Wisconsin!

What is it?The program consists of three committees, each focused on an important component of election planning.   Each committee will develop ideas to improve election processes in their assigned area of responsibility.  The three committees are: (1) Election Security; (2) Communications; and (3) Clerk Training.  

Who can join?We need volunteers who are employed at the municipal, township, or county level as either clerks or employees of their respective election commission.  Prior experience is not required. Staff from the WEC will also participate on each committee.  This program is not open to the general public.  

Will this take a lot of my time?  No.  Each committee will convene at least quarterly, but most meetings will be by teleconference.  Members are asked to attend at least one meeting per year in person.  Committees may schedule more frequent meetings as needed to work on specific projects.

How do I join?  There are two ways to join an advisory committee.  #1: Each Clerk Association will nominate members to serve on each committee.  You can contact your County, Town or Municipal Association to volunteer.  #2:  You can also volunteer directly to the WEC.  Simply follow the instructions on the attached document.

How can I learn more?  See the attached document, titled “Advisory Committee Concept 2019,” for more information.  Please also feel free to contact the Elections Commission Help Desk at (608) 261-2028 or [email protected] with questions.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to keep Wisconsin elections safe, secure, and efficient!