Compliance with WisVote Access Policy


Timely Attention Required



Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
All WisVote Users


Meagan Wolfe, Interim Administrator
Michelle R. Hawley, Training Officer

This is a friendly reminder that all current and new WisVote users must comply with the new WisVote Access Policy by completing the following three requirements:

  1. Completing the Securing WisVote training series, which is a collection of six learning modules available on our electronic Learning Center ( platform (duration of completion approximately 85 minutes);
  2. Electronically acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of our new WisVote User Agreement; and
  3. Electronically acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of our updated WisVote Confidentiality Agreement.

We request that all current WisVote users who have not already completed the new requirements do so no later than December 31, 2018.

All new users must complete the Securing WisVote training series, in addition to all other required training associated with their access level, before they will be provided WisVote login credentials. New users will be prompted to acknowledge and accept the terms of the updated User and Confidentiality Agreements on their initial login to the WisVote system. For your reference, we have included two checklists in the attached memorandum that outline the new requirements with this communication, one related to the process for existing WisVote users and one for new users.

Thank you to those of you who have already completed this process. As always, we thank everyone for your continuous support and contributions in helping keep Wisconsin elections safe! Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Help Desk at 608-261-2028 or via email at