Counties and WEC will use the Canvass Reporting System for the 2018 General Election


Timely Attention Required



Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Meagan Wolfe, Interim Administrator

At its September 25, 2018 meeting, the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed staff to use the prior Canvass Reporting System for the 2018 General Election. Counties will use the previous system to transmit official results for federal and state contests to the Wisconsin Elections Commission for certification. The Canvass Reporting System is currently being prepared for use and will be thoroughly tested prior to the election. Counties will not have to enter election results into the WisVote election results module for this election.

The Commission also directed staff to provide updated canvass training materials to all counties. The training materials will include instructions for using the Canvass Reporting System, instructions for proofing reports and vote totals, and instructions for submitting electronic and original copies of the signed Federal/State Office Certification Report to WEC. Training materials will be provided by October 15, 2018 and a training webinar will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2018.

Counties which upload results from an election management system should provide a test file to WEC and staff will ensure that results will map contests and reporting units correctly. Please provide all test upload files to at your earliest convenience to ensure that all file formats are compatible with the Canvass Reporting System.

The Canvass Reporting System can be accessed by clicking the Canvass button on the Clerks page of the WEC website. Clerks can access the system using their WisVote credentials. Send questions about canvass procedures for the 2018 General Election to or call the Help Desk