New WisVote Access Policy


High Priority



Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
All WisVote Users


Meagan Wolfe, Interim Administrator
Michelle R. Hawley, Training Officer

As part of our continuing efforts to keep elections safe in the State of Wisconsin, the Elections Commission staff discussed and assessed how we could do better job in keeping WisVote and its contents secure. Currently we have over 2,500 voter registration system users, all possessing varying degrees of computer skills and knowledge. It is a priority of the Wisconsin Elections Commission that we do our best to ensure our users have an awareness of best cyber security practices, thus helping us better safeguard election data and the sensitive personal identifying information of countless electors contained within WisVote.

As a result of these considerations, effective July 23, 2018, the Wisconsin Elections Commission will implement a new WisVote Access Policy. This new policy consists of three main requirements:

  1. Completing a Securing WisVote Series, which is a collection of six learning modules available on our electronic Learning Center platform (duration of completion approximately 80 minutes),
  2.  Electronically acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of our new WisVote User Agreement; and
  3. Electronically acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions of our updated WisVote Confidentiality Agreement.

In order for new users to be permitted access to WisVote, they must complete all of the new requirements. Current WisVote users are requested to complete the electronic learning modules and sign the new agreement prior to the General Election in November. Additional information and instructions will be posted along with the policy launch materials. No action is required at this time.