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DRAFT OS and Paper Sample Ballots for August 14, 2018 Partisan Primary

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Timely Attention Required
May 21, 2018
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Diane Lowe, Lead Elections Specialist
EL-201ms 2018 Partisan Pri OS Ballot-OVALS-17inch DRAFT.docx192.63 KB
EL-201-2018 Partisan Primary Ballot (2018-05) DRAFT.doc73 KB
EL-201g-2018 Generic Partisan Primary Ballot (2018-05) DRAFT.doc75 KB
EL-201i_2018 Partisan Primary Ballot Instruction Cover Sheet (2018-05) DRAFT.doc52 KB

Attached is a DRAFT sample optical scan ballot and DRAFT sample paper ballots for the partisan primary.  The ballots are in draft format until the Elections Commission approves the layout on May 24, 2018. There are no changes from the 2016 ballot, other than the offices up for election and the inordinate number of candidates for the office of Governor.

WEC staff has been in contact with Command Central, Dominion, ES&S and Clear Ballot in anticipation of an extraordinarily large ballot. There are currently 31 candidates registered for the office of Governor. As a rule, only a few candidates who register for the top office on the ballot see the ballot-access process through. However, the list of registered candidates is not ordinarily this long. Representatives of the above-mentioned companies seem confident that regardless of the number of offices and candidates, the contents of the ballot will be accomodated, but may require a 17" ballot.

Paper ballot users:  A consolidated ballot may not be used at a partisan primary.  The EL-201g (generic ballot), may be used when there are are 2 or more parties that have no candidates on the ballot.  However, the Libertarian and Wisconsin Green Parties have candidates registered for statewide office.  Therefore, it is likely that the EL-201g will not be used. 

If you have questions with respect to ballot size or the format of the draft ballots, please contact the Help Desk at 608-261-2028 or