Wisconsin Eligible for $7 million in Federal Election Security Funding


MADISON, WI – The State of Wisconsin is eligible to receive nearly $7 million in federal 2018 HAVA Election Security Fund grants, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

Congress recently appropriated $380 million to be distributed to the states to improve election administration, including technology enhancements and election security. Wisconsin’s share of the funds is $6,978,318, to be matched by $348,916 in state dollars, for a total of $7,327,234, according to US-EAC.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is studying how the grant funding can be spent, said Meagan Wolfe, interim administrator of the WEC.

“The Commission has been developing a new, comprehensive election security plan for more than a year,” Wolfe said. “These new federal funds will help the Elections Commission put our plan into action and work with local election officials to ensure our systems and our votes are secure.”

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