2017 WisVote Updates – A Year in Review


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Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Michael Haas, Staff Counsel
Jodi Kitts, WisVote Elections Specialist
Sarah Whitt, WisVote IT Lead
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In 2017 we made several system updates and improvements to the functionality of WisVote. Some updates contained minor system modifications while other were more noticeable updates. This memo is an overview of that work, focusing on updates that users of WisVote would readily notice.


  • The status of old absentee applications that were still appearing from past elections have been changed to Expired.
  • Absentee ballots (including Vote In-Person) can now be issued once the Candidates Complete checkpoint is checked up until the Election Closed checkpoint is checked and is no longer tied to specific calendar dates.
  • The three main Absentee ballot reports in WisVote were updated. The Absentee Ballot Listing, Absentee Poll Listing and Absentee Central Count all received improvements based on clerk feedback.


Many of changes to WisVote centered around Ward and School District updates. As a result, we have made many improvements to the District Combo maps that clerks use in WisVote to locate addresses. We implemented a new process where we are trying to do updates at a state level, utilizing the ward data submitted to the Legislative Technology Services Bureau every six months as required by law. In addition, we attempted to clean up school district boundary lines to more accurately reflect their boundaries, largely by using parcel data provided by counties as part of the Statewide Parcel Mapping project.

With these changes made, we were able to re-run our addresses and create a new category called District Combo Changes in WisVote, where we will have clerks to review those changes and move address pins to the correct location if they were not already. We are hoping these updates will lead to a more uniform and collaborative process where we can respond to new annexations more quickly and provide maps for those areas in order to aid in addressing accuracy.

Election Workers

  • Added a view that shows only viewing municipality’s workers (Available Election Workers view); should be original view when opening Election Workers tab.
  • Added view that shows election workers with no reporting unit or polling place assignment.
  • Made “Available Election Workers” view searchable and sortable by first name OR last name.
  • Created option of marking workers as being available for only particular types of elections (Spring Primary, Spring Election, etc.), as well as “All Future Elections.”
  • When All Future Elections, or any individual election types are selected, an election assignment is generated once the view is saved.
  • Changed DOB to Year of Birth to make information less confidential. This information is made mandatory to allow us to automatically gather the age range info we collect for the EL-190.
  • Made election assignments and training sections more usable and useful in regard to viewable information.

NOTES: Although email is not a required field for election workers, it is highly recommended. For future updates we will be implementing functionality for email, making it easier to send reminders to workers regarding their work assignments and trainings. FAQs and updates to the manual will be forthcoming and another notification will be sent once those features are available.


  • Added voter’s registration date to the search results grid for when clerks are processing voter registrations. That way, if more than one voter record exists for the same voter, the clerk can see which one is the most recent and update that record.
  • The new “Mailings” entity was created for tracking the Four-year Maintenance and ERIC mailings.
  • Previous Address field was created to be used on EL-131 or EDR screen.
  • Audit History button added to view the change log for any record.


  • New Election Participation views were added to the associated tile from the Poll Book screen.
  • For consistency and data quality reasons, the ability to create special elections in WisVote was restricted to WEC staff. Clerks must now contact the WEC to set up all special elections in WisVote.
  • A second address type was added to the candidate form called CFIS Address. This field is used for state candidates who are imported from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission’s Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS). County and Local candidates do not register with the state and do not need to have information entered in this field.
  • The process to regenerate ballot styles was improved. Now ballot styles will only be regenerated if new contests are added or if contests are removed. Previously, WisVote regenerated ballot styles any time the Contests Complete checkpoint is checked, whether contests had been updated or not.

If you have questions about any of these updates, please contact the Elections Help Desk at elections@wi.gov or 608-261-2028.