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Michael Haas, Staff Counsel
Patrick Brennan, WisVote Trainer
Gregory Grube, GIS Specialist

*While all municipalities are receiving this communication, it does not currently apply to any municipality taking part in the Special Primary elections scheduled for December 19. Commission staff will not perform map updates in these municipalities until after the special primaries have been held. *

Commission staff have pushed an update to WisVote to correct ward and school district boundaries based on the Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB) information and county parcel map data. As a result of this update, there have been several changes to WisVote address and district combo records.

  • 31,639 address records have had their existing district combo code changed. You can find a listing of the impacted records in WisVote using the My District Combo Changes under the Address system views.
  • 9,822 address records now have a mismatch between the geocode and district combo number. These records are listed in the My Geo DC Mismatch under the Address system views.

Along with the district boundary updates, Commission staff have added a new option for processing address record exceptions: The Confirm button. In the past, clerks were required to move an address pin to clear an address exception, even if the pin was already in the correct location. The new Confirm button will allow clerks to process an exception without needing to move a correctly located pin. The Confirm button will not resolve Geo DC Mismatch or Addresses missing DC exceptions though, as those exceptions require additional data in order to resolve.

Please see the attached training materials for instructions on how to clear these new address exception records. The WisVote Manual section 7.4 has been updated to reflect these changes and informational materials have been added to the FAQs Current Issues section in WisVote.