ERIC List Maintenance Mailing to Voters Who Have Moved


Timely Attention Required



Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Michael Haas, Staff Counsel
Jodi Kitts, WisVote Elections Specialist

Elections Commission staff is preparing for the next phase in Wisconsin’s participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).  As part of Wisconsin’s membership in ERIC, Commission staff is required to reach out to voters who ERIC has flagged as having potentially moved.  ERIC obtains data from a variety of sources, such as Wisconsin motor vehicle records, voter registration and motor vehicle records from participating states, and the National Change of Address database from the U.S. Postal Service.   Approximately 282,448 voters have been identified by ERIC as having moved within Wisconsin, and 59,292 voters have been flagged as having moved out of state.

Commission staff will be mailing a postcard to these voters to confirm whether they have moved: 

  • Voters who are flagged as having moved within Wisconsin will be encouraged to re-register online on the MyVote Wisconsin website.  They will also be provided with a tear-off continuation card they can return to their municipal clerk if they want to continue their registration at their WisVote address, similar to the Four-Year Maintenance process.  
  • Voters who are flagged as having moved out of state will be reminded that they can only vote in one state, and will need to either register in their new state or return the continuation card if they want to stay registered in Wisconsin.  

Note that receiving an ERIC postcard does not automatically mean that voters must register at their new address.  Voters may wish to continue their registration at their current address if they are temporarily away from their address or intend to return.  

Any voters who do not register at their new address and do not return the continuation card within 30 days will be deactivated in WisVote.  Samples of both postcards are attached to this memo.

These mailings will be tracked in WisVote.  Clerks will be able to see which voters received the ERIC postcard by going to the new “Mailings” tile in WisVote.  Clerks should mark any mailings that come back as undeliverable, as well as any requests for continuation.  Training materials will be posted to the Elections Commission website.  

Clerks should make note of the following important dates and required actions for the ERIC Movers mailing:

  • November 6 – 10:  The ERIC Movers postcards will be mailed.  Voters sent a postcard will have their voter status in WisVote set to “Active” with a status reason of “Suspended.”    
  • December 15:  Deadline for voters to respond with a request for continuation.  
  • December 22:  Deadline for clerks to update all voters who have requested continuation, and to enter any new voter registrations from ERIC movers into WisVote.  Voters who have not registered at a new address or requested continuation will have their voter status changed to “Inactive” with a status reason of “Moved.”    

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Elections Help Desk at [email protected]