Meagan Wolfe Appointed as Assistant Administrator


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Michael Haas, Staff Counsel

I am very pleased to announce that I have appointed Meagan McCord Wolfe as the Assistant Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, effective next week.  The position of Assistant Administrator was created by the Legislature as part of the legislation creating the Elections Commission.

In the role of Assistant Administrator, Meagan will assume the responsibilities and supervisory duties which were carried out by Ross Hein before his departure from the agency.  She will manage the WisVote staff and IT team, and supervise the implementation of initiatives related to WisVote and other IT applications of the Commission.  In addition, Meagan will assist with the overall management and leadership of the WEC staff.

Meagan started working for the Government Accountability Board in 2011 and currently serves as our Voter Services Elections Specialist.  She has been the point person for developing and implementing voter outreach communications and resources, both on a public information scale and in assisting individual voters.  Meagan has conducted countless presentations regarding the Photo ID law and other voting and registration rules and processes, and developed many resources that may be used by local election officials and organizations to educate voters.  She also lead the multi-year effort to assess the usability of the MyVote Wisconsin website and to relaunch the website so that it is easier for voters to use and easier for clerks to assist military and overseas voters.

Meagan earned a bachelor’s degree in English as well as a Paralegal Certification from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.  

I know that Meagan will do an excellent job in the position of Assistant Administrator, and in that role will continue her focus on helping voters and local election officials.  While her location in the office is changing, Meagan’s contact information will remain the same, and she can be reached at 608-266-8175 or