2016 Post-Election Voting Equipment Audit Notification


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Wisconsin County Clerks
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Richard Rydecki, Elections Specialist/Accessibility Coordinator

The following communication was sent to county and municipal clerks who had reporting units that were randomly selected for voting equipment audits this year. If you did not receive an email directly from the commission, the audit does not apply to you.

Dear County and Municipal Clerks,

A reporting unit within your municipality/county has been randomly selected to conduct the post-election audit of electronic voting equipment.  The selection of reporting units took place during a public meeting in our office on Friday, November 11th.  Please see the attached spreadsheet to determine which reporting unit(s) have been selected and what type of voting equipment is subject to the audit.  

Instructions and Reporting Forms:  The attached “2016 Audit Procedures” document will provide you with the necessary guidance for conducting the audit and a sample tally sheet is included as a reference.  Please contact the WEC should the reporting unit selected contain no actual votes cast.  Also attached is a copy of the tally sheet used during the audit process and the reporting form you will submit to WEC upon completion of the process.

Overview and Instructional Webinar:  WEC staff will be conducting an informational webinar at 2 pm on Wednesday, November 16 for all selected municipalities and counties.  To register for the webinar click on the following link:  

Please register for 2016 Post-Election Voting Equipment Audit Training and Information on Nov 16, 2016 2:00 PM CST at:

  • https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3533098475589990403
  • Please join us as we outline the requirements a procedures for the 2016 post-election voting equipment audit.
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
  • If you have any questions about accessing the webinar, please contact the WEC HelpDesk at (608) 261-2028 or [email protected].

Reporting Requirements:  Please note that you are required to provide the following information to the WEC at the [email protected] email address:

1.    The municipality shall acknowledge receipt of its selection for the post-election voting system audit and confirm with the WEC the following information for each reporting unit selected:
a.    Voting System Type
b.    Voting Equipment Model
c.    Accessible Voting Equipment Model

2.  Clerks must notify the WEC of the time and location of the audit by email.  In the past, municipalities have sent us a copy of their meeting notice to meet this requirement.

3.    Each municipality conducting an audit must submit the designated reporting forms and supporting documents from the audit, including tally sheets, to WEC staff to indicate the audit was completed and describe any discrepancies that were found.  

Deadline: The deadline for completion of the audit is two weeks from the date that the WEC certifies the results of the Presidential Election.  The final date that certification can occur is December 1, which would set the audit deadline at December 15th.  We will follow up with all selected counties and municipalities once the results have been certified and a deadline is established, but you can expect the deadline to be in early to mid-December.