Post-Election Update


MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Elections Commission is providing the following updates:

  • Turnout was lower than expected. Unofficial results reported by the Associated Press indicate there were 2,947,049 votes cast in the race for United States Senate, which is slightly higher than the 2,944,126 votes cast for all seven candidates on the ballot for President of the United States.  This equates to a turnout of 66.23 percent of Wisconsin’s voting age population of 4,449,170. This figure does not include votes for any registered write-in candidates or provisional ballots that are outstanding. Final turnout will be somewhat higher, but nowhere near the 3.1 million voters projected by the commission or the 2012 turnout of 3,080,628.  Final turnout numbers will be based on statistical reports filed by municipal clerks, which are due December 8.
  • All ballots, including absentee ballots, are counted on Election Day and voter participation is recorded after the election.  Local election officials have up to 45 days after the election to record voter participation. After that process is completed, voters will be able to see their updated participation history at the website.
  • As of Wednesday morning, 828,451 returned absentee ballots had been recorded in the Commission’s WisVote system by municipal clerks for counting on Election Day. That would be approximately 28 percent of the total vote cast by absentee ballot, compared to 21.57 percent in 2012.  A total of 845,031 absentee ballots have been issued, including 666,006 in-person absentee ballots cast in clerks’ offices. These numbers will continue to be updated as clerks catch up with data entry. Absentee ballot statistics are available here:   
  • Based on unofficial results, the Commission is preparing for a potential recount in  State Senate race (District 32). There is no automatic recount, and the losing candidate must wait until the last day a county board of canvassers in the district meets, and the deadline for requesting a recount is three business days after the Elections Commission receives the last statement from a county board of canvassers in the district likely subject to recount.  There are four counties in Senate District 32:  Crawford, La Crosse, Monroe, and Vernon For more information about recounts, please consult the information here:


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