Partial Stay Issued in One Wisconsin Institute Case – Reforms to DMV’s Appeal Process Stayed Pending Appeal


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Michael Haas, Staff Counsel
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Late yesterday, Federal District Judge James Peterson partially granted a motion to stay one aspect of his decision in the One Wisconsin Institute case pending appeal.  Judge Peterson stayed the order requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to reform a process known as the IDPP (ID Petition Process) within 30 days of his decision. Judge Peterson declined to stay any other parts of his original decision in this case pending appeal.

DMV’s ID Petition Process (IDPP)   

Judge Peterson’s most recent ruling means that the current IDPP will remain in effect during the appeal in One Wisconsin. Under the current IDPP, applicants are able to obtain a qualifying ID for voting with one trip to the DMV, even if the applicant lacks documents showing U.S. citizenship, their name and date of birth, and/or a legal name change. To obtain a free ID for voting, applicants should bring to DMV documents that prove their identity and residency in the State of Wisconsin.

While a voter’s application is being processed through the IDPP, the DMV will issue a temporary ID card receipt, which is an acceptable form of ID for voting purposes. Applicants will automatically receive renewal receipts as long as their application is pending.

It is important for local election officials to know that the IDPP is available for voters in their municipalities. If someone does not have the documentation needed to obtain a qualifying ID for voting, election officials should inform the individual about the IDPP and refer them to the information from DMV provided at the link below.

For more detailed information regarding the IDPP, including information on the types of documents that DMV considers proof of identify and proof of residence, please visit the DMV’s website:

A news release issued by the Commission with additional information about the IDPP can also be found here: and here:

If you have questions regarding yesterday’s decision, please contact the Elections Commission HelpDesk at [email protected] or at (608) 261-2028.