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MyVote Wisconsin Redesign Webinar and Manual

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Timely Attention Required
June 15, 2016
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator
Clerk MyVote Memo.pdf33.67 KB
MyVote Manual Updated January 2017.pdf1.71 MB

View the pre-launch MyVote webinar here: As the G.A.B. prepares for the launch of the redesigned MyVote Wisconsin website on June 22, 2016, we have developed MyVote resources for clerks. The attached webinar is intended to give clerks an introduction to the redesigned MyVote website. The site is still in the final development and testing phase, so some of the pages and the functionalities shown in the webinar have not yet been finalized. When viewing this webinar, please keep in mind that there are some changes that will be made prior to the MyVote launch on June 22. The attached webinar covers all of the functionalities of the new MyVote website including: -Sample Ballot. Voters will see what will be on their ballot for upcoming elections. -Polling Place Look-Up. Voters will be able to find their polling place based on their voting address. - Military and Permanent Overseas Voters. Military and permanent overseas voters will still be able to request and receive their absentee ballot online through MyVote. -Start the Registration Process. Voters can again fill out a registration application that they will print, sign and deliver to their municipal clerk. A process known as “click and mail” that was previously available in MyVote until January 2016 will enable registration information to be pre-populated into WisVote. Voters in Wisconsin still cannot completely register to vote online. The legislative change allowing online voter registration will not be implemented until January of 2017 and will be incorporated into MyVote at that time. -Voter Activity. The voter activity functionality will allow a voter to see the status of their voter registration and a list of past elections that they have participated in. If the voter has an absentee ballot request on file, or an outstanding provisional ballot, they will also see the status of their ballot. -Elected Officials. Voters will be able to see a list of their current elected officials. -Request an Absentee Ballot. Regular voters will be able to fill out an absentee ballot request form on the MyVote website. The absentee ballot request will then be emailed to the municipal clerk who will process the request just like any other absentee ballot request they receive by email from a voter. MyVote Manual Also attached as part of this communication is a Manual that details the functionalities of the redesigned MyVote site. The Manual covers the following MyVote topics: -Pending Registrations in WisVote. The click and mail functions that allow a voter to complete their registration application and submit it online has been restored with the redesign. A new process for handling the pending registration forms in WisVote is outlined in the Manual. -Assisting Voters. The Manual provides step-by-step instructions for each of the functionalities of the site. There are many functionalities, such the process for military voters to receive an online ballot, that the clerk cannot see on MyVote. The step-by-step overviews in the manual will allow a clerk to assist voters with the functionalities that the clerk does not have access to. -MyVote/WisVote Connection. MyVote is directly linked to WisVote. All of the information displayed on MyVote is pulled from the WisVote system. If information is entered incorrectly into WisVote it will display incorrectly on MyVote. The Manual provides an overview of the connection between the two systems to ensure that voters have access to quality data. -Notification/Forms. The attached MyVote Manual also provides examples of the email notification that clerks will receive when a voter requests an absentee ballot. Also included in the Manual is a sample of the voter registration form that is generated by MyVote. The webinar and manual are designed to be reference tools for clerks. The redesigned MyVote website will not change the daily process for clerks. There will be no additional training needed to handle the MyVote 2.0 redesign. The notifications clerks receive from MyVote will look a little different, but the process will remain the same. We are very excited to launch the newly designed MyVote website to the public on June 22, 2016. The new design will help all voters find the information they need to vote in a way that is both usable and accessible. Thank you for taking the time to view these materials. Please contact the G.A.B. at with any questions about the launch of the redesigned MyVote website.