Mike Haas Selected as Elections Commission Administrator


MADISON, WI – The current Members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission announced they have unanimously selected Michael Haas of Marshall, Wisconsin to serve as the Administrator of the new Wisconsin Elections Commission.  Haas will begin work on Thursday, June 30, 2016 when the Elections Commission begins operations.  Haas currently serves as the Elections Division Administrator for the Government Accountability Board.

The four Commissioners are unanimous in their belief that they can best prepare for the 2016 election cycle with Mike Haas at the helm of the new Commission.  He currently supervises the program staff who will transfer to the Commission from the Government Accountability Board.  Mike also has a strong working relationship with the legal and administrative staff who will transfer to the Commission.  The Commissioners voted to hire Haas at a meeting Thursday.

“We are confident that Mike brings the requisite skill set to provide the direction and supervision required to ensure success for the Elections Commission,” said Commissioner Mark Thomsen.

“We are familiar with Mike’s work and reputation.  Mike Haas has earned the respect of his co-workers as well as local election officials,” said Commissioner Ann S. Jacobs.  “He has also demonstrated an ability to work well with the Legislature.”

“The ability to hit the ground running and maintain continuity was a key component in our consideration,” said Commissioner Don Millis.  “We were very impressed with his grasp of the duties and responsibilities of the new Commission that he demonstrated in our orientation.” 

“Based on our experience, observing and working with Mike in his roles outside the Government Accountability Board, we are confident he is the best choice to lead the Commission at this point,” said Commissioner Steve King.

“Our focus will continue to be on serving Wisconsin voters and taxpayers,” Haas said.  “Ultimately everything we do affects the experience of individual voters in casting their ballots, and ensures that those ballots are counted accurately.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to continue working with our excellent staff as well as our partners and customers, including municipal and county election officials around the state, the Legislature, candidates and political parties, and other organizations,” Haas continued.  “I appreciate the Commissioners’ confidence in me and look forward to continuing Wisconsin’s tradition of transparent and fair elections.”

Haas will serve a 4-year term.  His appointment is subject to confirmation by the State Senate.  His initial salary will be $120,000.  The Commission will evaluate the appointment following the 2016 election cycle before confirmation hearings are held in the State Senate in 2017.


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