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Absentee - Tracking Only

WisVote includes simplified absentee processes election officials can use to track required absentee ballot information, but who do not need additional features such as printing labels.   This training guide provides instructions for clerks who choose to use these Tracking Only features.

The absentee ballot tracking process involves the following steps.

  1. Enter absentee applications.  Absentee applications can be entered into WisVote any time, whether submitted before or after absentee ballots are available for the election.  Absentee applications that encompass multiple elections such as calendar year or indefinitely confined only need to be entered once and the system will automatically enter that application for you under every election that applies. 
  2. Issue Ballots.  Ballots need to be issued in WisVote once ballots become available for the election, for all requests that are on file.  Ballots can also be issued in WisVote immediately for absentee applications that are received after absentee ballots are available, and In-person absentee voting is also supported in WisVote.
  3. Mark Ballots as Returned.  As voters return absentee ballots to the clerk, the ballots must be marked in WisVote to indicate that they were returned.  For In-Person absentee voting, WisVote automatically marks the ballots as returned.

(Please view the attached document that includes the below outline topics.)

Enter an Absentee Application

Mail an Absentee Ballot to a Different Address

Absentee Ballot Tracking

Issue Multiple Absentee Ballots

Issue Absentee Ballots as a Batch

Update the Absentee Ballot Sent Date Field for Ballots Already Issued

Enter an In-Person Absentee Application