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WisVote User Manual - Complete

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November 9, 2018
User Manual for WisVote, the successor to SVRS
_WisVote User Manual V3.pdf13.32 MB
_WisVote Video Learning Curriculum 13.pdf133.57 KB

The last Manual update 11/9/2018                                                                  

Updated to include a new Sections 5.2 Contests (2/18) 3.7 Record Returned Absentee Ballots (1/18)

7.4 Data Quality (4/6) 

3.6 Manage Absentee Ballots (7/19)

2.2 Voter Registration (11/9) -Add POR Credit Card

6.2 Election Day Registration (11/9) -Add POR Credit Card


For individual sections, click here.