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Online Election Management Links

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December 18, 2015

Here is a set of quick-link buttons for online election management applications. Included are WisVote (Election Management), Wisconsin Election Data Collection (WEDC) = now in WisVote, CRM Election Data, Canvass (CRS) = now in WisVote, MyVote Wisconsin, BADGER Voters, and Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS).





WisVote (Election Mangement) All the components of an election are entered here: Absentee Applications, Ballots, Candidates, Polling Places, Voters etc. Many of the other election systems rely on the data entered into WisVote.

CRM Election Data houses a number of different services including the Ineligible Voter Lists, Provisional Ballot Tracker, Absentee Tracking, Sample Ballot Previews, Incompetence Lists and Voter Felon Audits.

Canvass (CRS) is a database where canvass results can be entered after each election. After Election Day, when the official canvass has been completed, clerks may upload electronic results from a file generated by their voting machines, or they may enter canvass results by hand.

MyVote Wisconsin allows registered voters to access information specific to them. Prospective voters may create and print a voter registration application, which they then sign and mail or hand deliver to the municipal clerk. In addition, there is a section for military and permanent overseas voters to request an absentee ballot and access their absentee ballot online. Absentee ballot request and absentee ballot access features work with SVRS and notify clerks when voters register or request an absentee ballot.

BADGER Voters is designed to allow users to request, receive a quote, purchase, and download Wisconsin voter registration and election participation data. This data is derived from WisVote.

Access Elections is an Elections Division Polling Place Accessibility Audit Reporting System.

WEC Elections Learning Center offers learning materials designed to help get the most out of WisVote and other election management education. In addition to the traditional user manual, interactive tutorials and demonstration overviews are available for viewing.





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