G.A.B. Statement Regarding Positive LAB Audit


MADISON, WI – Kevin J. Kennedy, director and general counsel of the Government Accountability Board, issued the following statement in response to the second report released today by the Legislative Audit Bureau.

“We are pleased that the Audit Bureau found no significant problems with the G.A.B.’s handling of complaints about campaign finance, elections, ethics and lobbying.  LAB made two minor recommendations, which are consistent with the agency’s existing practices.”

“In preparing this report, LAB’s auditors reviewed extensive confidential agency records and attended a closed session meeting in order to provide the Legislature and the public with an unbiased view of the Board’s confidential proceedings and interactions with staff.”

“The LAB report’s key finding is its description of an engaged Board that probes, evaluates and considers the materials and recommendations presented by staff.  It puts to rest any questions as to whether the six Board Members exercise independent judgment when they make decisions about complaints, investigations and penalties.”

After the LAB’s first report in December 2014, the G.A.B. quickly addressed its recommendations to bring the agency into full compliance with statutes and further improve its operations.  This second report recognizes that the agency has now adopted written procedures and a database for complaints, which the Board approved in March 2015. 

For detailed responses to specific LAB recommendations, please see the attached letter.

For information about how the G.A.B. handles complaints about campaign finance, elections, ethics and lobbying process, please visit the agency website: http://www.gab.wi.gov/complaints/about-process.


For more information, contact

Reid Magney, Public Information Officer, 608-267-7887, [email protected]