New G.A.B. Candidate Committee Selected


MADISON, WI – Four Wisconsin Court of Appeals judges have been selected to serve on the Government Accountability Candidate Committee.

They are Judge Joan F. Kessler of District I in Milwaukee, Judge Paul F. Reilly of District II in Waukesha, Judge Lisa K. Stark of District III in Wausau, and Judge JoAnne F. Kloppenburg of District IV in Madison.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abramson conducted the random drawing prior to oral arguments in the Supreme Court Hearing Room at the Capitol on Thursday, February 5.  For each of the four appellate districts, she drew one name at random from a hat containing the names of all the Court of Appeals judges in that district.  As required by state law, all seven justices were present for the drawing. 

The candidate committee is responsible for reviewing applications by former state judges to serve as members of the Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.), and must unanimously agree on each nominee.  For each vacancy, the committee forwards at least two names to the Governor.  The Governor’s appointment to the G.A.B. must be confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the State Senate. 

The new committee’s two-year term begins March 1, after which the candidate committee will meet to review applications to fill the seat of Judge Thomas H. Barland of Eau Claire.  Judge Barland’s six-year term expires in May, and he has decided not to seek a second term.   The committee’s meetings and deliberations are open, and public notice will be provided prior to the meeting.

The G.A.B. is made up of six members who are all former state judges and who must be non-partisan, which means they may not be a member of a political party or make political donations for a year prior to appointment and during their service.  Members serve staggered, six-year terms.  The agency’s nonpartisan structure, and the process for selecting its board members, is unique in the United States.

The outgoing candidate committee for 2013 and 2014 was comprised of the late Judge Ralph Adam Fine of District I in Milwaukee, Judge Paul F. Reilly of District II in Waukesha, Deputy Chief Judge Michael W. Hoover of District III in Wausau, and Judge Paul Lundsten of District IV in Madison.

Wisconsin Eye video of the drawing can be viewed here:…


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