G.A.B. Response to WICFG Amended Complaint


As counsel for Kevin Kennedy and the Government Accountability Board in Eric O'Keefe et al vs. Wisconsin Government Accountability Board et al, Waukesha County Case Number 2014CV001139, this addresses the recent press coverage of allegations made in the First Amended Complaint in that case.

In response to allegations in the amended complaint, it is important to be absolutely clear the Board through its Chair was apprised of District Attorney contacts with Government Accountability Board staff concerning the developing John Doe from the beginning.

We have committed to trying this case in the courts, not the media.  Allegations in a complaint are just that, allegations, and nothing more.  They are not proven facts or conclusions of a court.

We will have an opportunity to file our response and present evidence which we believe will refute and disprove specific allegations as well as the general hyperbole of the plaintiff’s complaint.  As with any litigation, we urge the media, public, and elected officials to withhold judgment until the facts are known.  After all, that is the basis of our legal system.

We caution pundits and observers not to be hasty in making conclusions based upon partial information.  When the facts are known, we trust that erroneous and uninformed conclusions will be corrected.

Thank you.

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