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2014 Partisan Primary Canvass and Recount -- 87th Assembly District

Candidate Unofficial Results Official Canvass Recount
Michael Bub 1,434  1,434  1,433
Scott Noble 960  960  960
James Edming 1,451  1,451  1,452
Shirl Labarre 1,338  1,339  1,339

All counties have reported.  Edming had a 17-vote lead over Bub after the canvass and a 19-vote lead after the recount.

87th AD REP Canvass Report (8.19.14).pdf26.86 KB
87th AD Ward by Ward Report Canvass.pdf11.21 KB
87th AD REP - Ward by Ward Recount Tracking.xlsx20.06 KB