Revised Guidance -- Proof of Residence Now Required for All Voter Registrations


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Wisconsin County Clerks
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City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator

Please note that the attachment "Clerk Communication re New POR requirement" has been revised as of August 5, 2014.

Based upon feedback and questions from clerks, we have revisited and revised our guidance regarding the new legislation requiring proof of residence to be submitted by with all voter registrations.  We are posting this guidance to replace the Clerk Communication originally posted on April 4, 2014.

The most significant change in the guidance relates to the effective date of Act 182.  The revised guidance states that the proof of residence is required for all registrations received in the clerk’s office on or after April 4, 2014.  Registrations received before April 4, 2014 are not subject to Act 182 even if they were not processed by that date.

The revised guidance also includes a clearer discussion about the rules for processing registration applications, whether they are received in in-person, by mail, through MyVote Wisconsin, or from a special registration deputy or other voter registration drive.  It also provides more definite guidance about contacting electors who have not provided proof of residence with their application, and clarifies other points related to processing and retention of proof of residence documents.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in directive, but hope that believe that this guidance is consistent with Act 182 and is also better organized and easier to understand.   We appreciate the feedback and questions from clerks which contributed to the revision.