G.A.B. Announces New Tool for Voters, Urges Early Registration


MADISON, WI – Wisconsin voters have a new tool to help them get ready for Election Day in November: My Vote Wisconsin.

By using the new MyVote.WI.gov website, voters can make sure they are registered to vote and know where to go on November 6, said Kevin J. Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief election official.

“Wisconsin’s new voter information portal will empower voters, reduce the workload on local election officials, and help ensure fair and transparent elections,” said Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B. “I hope voters will spend a few minutes online today to save themselves time and trouble on Election Day.”

For many Wisconsin voters, November 6 will be their first time at the polls since legislative redistricting. Many people who voted as recently as the recall elections have moved, many people are in new districts, and some people have new polling places. For these reasons, Kennedy said that for some voters, this could be a recipe for confusion on November 6.

“In less than two minutes, you can go to our new website, find your polling place location and see a sample ballot,” Kennedy said. “If you are not registered, the website has a new tool to get your registration started.”

“This new online system is secure, both for the user and for the voter registration system,” Kennedy said. “Anyone using the new online system has to meet the same requirements as people who register the old way.”

Elections Division Administrator Nat Robinson said the online tool will streamline voter registration for clerks because the system captures the applicant’s information in pending status in the Statewide Voter Registration System. “When clerks receive the printed, signed registration applications, they will no longer need to enter the data into SVRS,” Robinson said.

“The new website provides a personalized experience for voters,” said Robinson. “Voters will see information that is relevant to them, based on whether they are a regular Wisconsin voter or someone who is in the military or a U.S. citizen living permanently overseas.”

My Vote Wisconsin will allow military and permanent overseas voters to request and receive their absentee ballot and certificate securely online. Military voters receive their ballots immediately. Permanent overseas voters who are already registered receive their ballots immediately, and those who need to register receive them once they have been approved. They can then print those documents and mark and return their ballots by mail.

These new technology tools are part of the G.A.B.’s Back to Basics Initiative.

“The purpose of the initiative is to make sure clerks and poll workers are properly trained, and voters are educated about their rights and responsibilities,” Kennedy said. “Our goal is a problem-free election in November.”

“This spring, we realized that because of all the additional burdens on clerks this year with new military and overseas voting procedures, redistricting, recall elections and voter photo ID, it would be important to make sure everyone is focused on the basics going into the November election,” Kennedy said.

Robinson said Back to Basics also includes new webinars and training materials for clerk and poll workers, as well as a program called “Voter Education 101:  Rights and Responsibilities.”

Copies of the Back to Basics plan and Voter Education 101 are available as attachments below.

For more information, contact

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887