About Webinars

These webinar training materials have been produced by the Wisconsin Elections Commission staff to assist local election officials complete a variety of tasks.

Some information in early webinars may not reflect the current state of the election law.  

You can access Wisconsin Elections Commissions videos* on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/electionswisconsin

All Election Administration (EA) webinars can be found below.  Election Administration webinars cover many election-related topics like processing ballots, baseline chief inspector training, how to handle recounts/recalls/referendums, counting votes, and more.  Webinars marked with an "(EA)" are created for clerks and inspectors to view and learn about current events and guidance on election processes.

*WisVote webinars can be found on Wisconsin Election Training  TLC.  WisVote webinars are created to help clerks who provide their own WisVote services to better understand how to use the system to manage voter and election information.

Webinar questions and feedback should be addressed to the Elections Help Desk: 608-261-2028, or [email protected].