Recall Petition Update 2


Madison, WI – The Wisconsin Department of Justice today filed a motion in Dane County Circuit Court seeking an extension of the time the Government Accountability Board has to review the petitions.

The Board has asked for at least 60 days to complete its petition review, with the possibility of additional time if needed.  Judge Richard Niess has scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. Wednesday.  A copy of the motion and supporting documents is attached.

Also Friday, the Board posted online more than 18,000 pages of recall petitions filed against the four incumbent State Senators. Click the link on the homepage at

G.A.B. workers are continuing the task of scanning more than 150,000 recall petition pages for the Governor and 140,000 pages for the Lt. Governor.  Crews will be working Saturday, and hope to complete both the Governor and Lt. Governor’s petitions next week.  After the petition pages have been scanned, those scans must be verified for correctness and completeness before they can be released to the incumbents and the public.

Recall petition processing is happening at an undisclosed state facility in Madison. For security reasons, the location of the processing center is not being released until all the petition pages have been scanned.  There will be no general public access to the site, though limited media tours will be available after the location is announced.

A live webcam has been streaming video of center activities for the public to watch the process.  A link to the webcam is on the homepage of the agency website:

Updates on the petition review process are being posted to the Recall Petition Processing Blog: